• Bird, Chicken - Small Chicken Coop: Int: Heavy Movement and Vocals, Chickens & Roosters, Greatest Sound Effects0:40
  • Animal, Goat - Kid Bleats, Air, B/G Kids Bleat Goats & Sheep, Give You the Hollywood Edge0:20
  • Lazy Day in the Country1:58
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The owner, Jennifer Eckler has 14 years of experience providing licensed infant care and child care.  She is a mother of 4 grown children including twins and holds a bachelor's degree in business management from Northeastern University.  Her career experience includes a role as Director of Operations for a financial management firm in Boston's financial district, as well as in the area of special education with children in preschool through grade 5 in the Sudbury Public School system. She finds the most meaningful career to be working with children, and prides herself in providing a warm and welcoming environment for each family with a child enrolled in her program.  Her mission is to help put parents' minds at ease who are balancing a lifestyle of parenting and meeting the demands of their career advancement.  She focuses on providing a vintage feel of a simpler time at her child care through her love of children, animals, and her family farm, where she is the 5th generation of her family to live there.  Her calm and confident demeanor is a result of her sense of purpose in choosing a career she believes she is meant to have.  Jennifer firmly believes in continuing education and has recently earned her National CDA Credential, and the Massachusetts Certification as Director 1, Lead Teacher Preschoolers, Lead Teacher Toddlers and Lead Teacher Infants. She is a member of the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC), as well as the National Association of Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Our full-time Certified Assistant, Miss Martha, graduated from Framingham State University in 2003 with a BA in Sociology.  She began teaching in 2003 after obtaining her MA Certification in Early Childhood to teach Infant,Toddler and Preschool levels.  Shortly after, she enrolled part time in the Social Work Graduate Program at Simmons College in Boston.  She graduated in 2013 with her Masters Degree and obtained her LCSW to practice in Massachusetts.  She focused her social work expertise in working with children in underprivileged living conditions, gaining experience with behavior problems and identifying learning disabilities.  Soon after, she worked in a large group childcare in Framingham, MA as a lead teacher.  There she bonded with her students and their families.  Under her guidance and curriculum planning, her preschoolers excelled by leaps and bounds, earning rave reviews by parents and staff there.  In her preschool classroom, she encourages hands-on experiences incorporating the use of some Montessori learning materials with a Reggio Emilia approach to learning.  The focus of her teaching is for each child to learn basic foundations of life including respect for others, manners and treating others kindly.  Her curriculum is aligned with the MA Guidelines of Preschool Experiences, and encourages growth in every developmental domain of young children.  It is her belief that all children have the ability to learn and achieve goals at their own personal rate.  Miss Martha follows the cues of each child  and practices an emergent curriculum;  exposing children to learning through a variety of themes that the children have shown interest in. This makes for an inspiring classroom experience for each child.  Martha is our newest addition to the staff, and we are happy to have her energetic and positive energy here!

Our full-time Regular Assistant, Miss Carol, joined Wright Farm after retiring from a long career in nursing. She graduated from Penn State with a BS in Child Development but quickly followed with an associate degree in Nursing. She has practiced in cardiology, dialysis and most recently in a primary care physician office; but her favorite job was as a nurse at Parmenter Wayside Hospice in Wayland.  She is thrilled to be working alongside Jenn Eckler, her friend of nearly 30 years. Carol sings and plays chimes for her church in Harvard MA. She is an avid knitter and can be found on occasional Saturdays working at In Stitches in Weston.

Our part-time Certified Assistant, Miss Marj is a preschool teacher with years of experience working in another preschool in Sudbury before joining us at Wright Farm.  She is a compassionate, organized and energetic mother of 3 teenagers and lives here in Sudbury. She has a gentle hand with our infants here, and keeps our toddlers busy with music time or stories up on our felt board.  She encourages outdoor play whenever possible, and she really engages each child under her care.  The children here often go home with hand knitted blankets and hats made by her in her free time. 

Our part-time Regular Assistant, Miss Cindy, is a mother of two teenagers and lives here in Sudbury.  She is the most loving and nurturing staff member yet.  She offers a gentle approach to all of the children here and the children's eyes light up when they greet her each day.  Children with special needs have a place in her heart and her hugs are plentiful. 

Our part-time Regular Assistant, Miss Sarah, is a Junior at Framingham State University.  She is majoring in Sociology and Early Childhood Education, and is on the President's list there.  She brings her energy, warmth, and sense of humor to work and the children love her.  She is efficient, and is quick to make each child smile. 

Our part-time Regular Assistant, Miss Tina, is a kind spirit who always has a smile on her face. She is our number one assistant with art projects and curriculum support. 

Our seasonal part-time Certified Assistant is a positive and energetic 2013 graduate from the University of Rhode Island with an undergraduate degree in Education. She is currently enrolled in UMASS Boston's graduate program to earn her Master's degree in Special Education.  She has 7 years of experience working with infants and preschoolers in a non-profit daycare in Connecticut prior to joining us at Wright Farm Sudbury. She works with us during the summer months.   

We have an "on-call" regular assistant available to work whenever we need an extra set of hands.  "Grammie" loves the outdoors, occasionally plays the piano for us and has an extra special touch with infants.   She is the most energetic 90 year old that you will ever meet.  In her free time she enjoys (yes enjoys) yard work and keeping in touch with friends on Facebook.